5 Steps to Clean Wastewater

1. Site & Soil evaluation

An onsite meeting with a Geotechnical Engineer gives you the opportunity to discuss your wastewater options regarding disposal method and treatment quality.  The engineer will perform soil testing to determine how and where the treated water can be irrigated on your property.

2. Design approval

An Effluent Disposal Report will be completed by the engineer that will give us all of the information for the types of systems and irrigation suitable. This report is submitted to your local council for approval prior to installation.  We can assist you with this step and in many cases can do the approvals for you.

3. Installation

All treatment systems must be designed and installed as per Manufacturers specifications and Australian Standards.  H2Gold will to commit to completing your installation with great care and ensuring the site is left in the neatest possible state.  All installations are carried out by our experienced licensed plumbers.

4. Commissioning and Certification

Once your treatment system has been installed and ready for use, the activation of your system is the final step in completion of your wastewater project.  To allow activation to occur, the household drainage must be connected along with the power supply to the system.  All relevant paperwork for your installation will be issued to Council so that a Compliance Certificate can be issued.

5. Servicing and maintenance

All wastewater systems have government regulations regarding their service and maintenance requirements. Depending on your system type, the treatment plant will need to be serviced as per the manufacturers’ specifications.  The servicing is carried out by our technician and a Service Report will be issued to your Local Authority.

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