Do I need Council Approval to install an on site wastewater treatment plant?

Yes.  Your Effluent Disposal Report will need to be submitted to Council along with relevant application forms and fees.

Can you provide me with a quote without an Effluent Disposal Report completed for my site?

We are certainly able to meet you on site to discuss your options and provide you with an estimate only of costs involved.

How much does it cost to have an Effluent Disposal Report completed for my site?

Costs vary for each engineer providing this service for you; however expect to pay approximately $550 – $700 per Report. We are able to assist in arranging the report to be completed for you.

Do all wastewater treatment plants treat the effluent to the same level?

No.  The different levels of treatment are Primary, Secondary, Advanced Secondary with Nutrient Removal.  Your Effluent Disposal Report will indicate the level of treatment required for your  site.  The level of treatment required will also be a factor in which treatment plants will be suitable for your site.

How long does it take for Council approval?

Once the Effluent Disposal Report is completed and submitted to Council, it takes up to 21 business days for approval.

How long will my installation take?

Once the Council has approved your project, the installation will take 1-2 days.

How will my treated effluent be dispersed?

The treated effluent can dispersed by trenches, surface (sprinklers – above ground) or subsurface (drip – below surface) irrigation.

If I surface irrigate, does the effluent need to be sterilized?

To surface irrigate the effluent must by treated prior to dispersal. This is done by the use of chlorine, UV light or membrane filter.

Does my treatment plant have to be serviced as per the manufacturers service guidelines and is the scheduled servicing of my system compulsory by Local Council?

Yes, your treatment plant must be serviced as per the Manufacturers servicing schedule guidelines and a complete Maintenance/Service Report issued to Council. This is Local Authority Law. Your service provider must hold a current drainers license with a wastewater endorsement. They must also be QBCC Licensed.

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